BilL0's Corner


This page is dedicated to the various awards earned by our friends and collegues.

the curb jumper




     The curb jumper award is given to any unfortunate individual who mistakenly takes a street bike off roading unexpectedly, and survives with little or no injury (physical injury that is, not including mental aguish, embarrasment, or damage to ego).


The "Balls of Steel" Award is given to those individuals who have persevered through unimaginable danger and hardship, yet continued to ride on.




1.     Kathlene earned her "Balls of Steel" award on the same day as she earned the Curb Jumper Award, with two oopsies before the fated curb jumping incident. But, instead of giving up, she continued to ride on like the champion she is.  Way to go CJ!  Woohoo!