BilL0's Corner



      The 1st and easiest of all our adventure loops is the Wildlife Refuge loop with Mt Scott.  As with all of our adventure loops, we begin at Roger's Ln and NW 38th St.  Travel west on Roger's Ln to 82nd St, then proceed south to Lee Blvd.  At Lee go west again until you get to HWY 115, then go north thru Cache and into the wildlife refuge.  Continue on HWY 115 when it jogs to the right near the visitor center.  There are several interesting stops and sites along the way, but we generally continue on past the turn for Meers and take 49 towards Mt Scott.  The Mt Scott road exits to the left and climbs all the way to the top where you will find parking and a 360 view of the area.  Then, after descending the mountain, you continue east on 49 untill US 44, taking the lawton exit and returning to Rogers Ln.


link to map file