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Here they are!  And In Chronological Order (reversed)!


The Crosshairs Ep 2 


The Crosshairs Ep1


Circle of Stoners


 The Interviews

Interview #1 

Interview #2 

Interview #3 

Interview #4 


The Rumble PSA 



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 The foxy News


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War2003 Server Ad

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The opening sequence for the TV Show }R{Tribe

Title Sequence

The Most Interesting Player Parody


the legacy of }os{ trilogy

 Legacy of }OS{ part I

In the opener, one of the clan leader's (BilL02375) is betrayed by TheWildOne.  His armored convoy is ruthlessly attacked while traversing a narrow passage.  Most of BilL's group is annialated in the attack, forcing the Order of Seraphim into all out war with the newly formed Fallen clan.  Though BilL himself survived the attack, he has sworn vengeance upon the Fallen clan, and has devoted his remaining forces to the destruction of TheWildOne and his band of followers.

Legacy of }OS{ part II

In the second installment, we find Felix reporting to the clan leader, ArmorEyes, that BilL's convoy has been ambushed.  She then tells our leader that she took it upon herself to deal some nuclear justice to the traitorous Fallen.  Rather than become upset with her, our leader calmly listens while Felix recounts her escapades in a series of flashbacks.  After he learns that the Fallen's leader has yet again eluded death, ArmorEyes decides that once TheWildOne is located he wants to participate in the Final Solution.


LX2 promo vid

Legends LX2 Mod Promo 

Here is the promo clip I made to promote the Mod I made for the game Legends.